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Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center (CDPCC) is a Christian, not-for-profit organization that provides affordable care. CDPCC is open to all who would use its services and finds its uniqueness in its theologically and psychologically trained staff. The strength of the CDPCC lies with its staff, who love its atmosphere and thrive in a collegial relationship of sharing faith, clinical expertise and wisdom. CDPCC has been a training site for practicum students since 1989 and values interns as respected, professional colleagues. Since its origin in 1976, the staff of CDPCC has co-partnered with over two dozen Catholic and Protestant churches to provide excellence in human services and influence the community in compassionate care of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. CDPCC is located in a diverse suburban community, 30 miles west of Chicago in DuPage County.

Clinical Opportunities

The CACTC doctoral intern who is completing his/her rotation at CDPCC will carry a caseload of 15-20 hours/week of direct contact with clients. Generally, the intern will work out of the CDPCC site in Carol Stream with  the possibility of a secondary rotation elsewhere. Clinical experiences will include providing assessments, developing and facilitating groups, and treating children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and groups in an out-patient setting. Areas of clinical concern include, but not limited to, mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety; adjustment disorders; substance abuse and addictions; trauma and PTSD; eating disorders; self-harm; loss (death, divorce, job), domestic conflict and abuse; ADHD and a variety of behavioral issues.

In addition to practicing at CDPCC, offsite opportunities include senior living communities (caregiver support or mindfulness groups), schools and churches (groups and presentations). These off-site experiences will be tailored to the interests of the intern.

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center staff offer expertise in a variety of specializations in various treatment modalities. The Center has a play therapy room.  There is currently a therapist who practices play therapy and Theraplay.  In addition, CDPCC has a therapist who is certified in sexual addictions, one who has specialization in Somatic Experiencing, one who is certified in hypnosis, one trained in ACT and one who is fluent in American Sign Language. Additionally, there is one therapist trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and one trained in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy.  Several therapists are trained in Internal Family Systems, EMDR, working with missionary families, Emmanuel Prayer and spiritual direction. The intern will have opportunities to learn from these therapists.


Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center is committed to purchasing digital assessment materials as we replace paper copies. Currently, students use two iPads for Q-global testing. Assessment opportunities address presenting issues related to: ADHD, learning concerns and disabilities, personality issues, emotional and behavioral concerns, suitability for religious life, ordination, and ministerial placements.


Supervisors have various theoretical perspectives, including person-centered, psychodynamic, Adlerian, and cognitive-behavioral as well as expressive techniques. They respect the theoretical orientation of students yet encourage interns to study best practices and draw from a repertoire of skills from various modalities. In general, interns are encouraged to consider the systemic context of a client’s life, provide empathy, and build on the client’s strengths, resources and resiliency to heal or effect changes in the client’s life.

Supervision is valued at the Center. It includes an hour of peer supervision with all the therapists at CDPCC weekly, peer supervision with some of the staff for an hour weekly, individual supervision weekly for therapy and individual supervision for diagnostic work weekly. In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to supervise practicum students and be supervised for that work. During the weekly peer supervision, time is allocated to presenting case studies and to consult every other month with a psychiatrist. Given the whole staff is invested in the learning of our students, consultation with them or additional supervision is available as needed. Many of the staff will welcome an intern to do co-therapy with them. Interns bring an audio or videotape of their work to their individual supervision time.


An intern will have the opportunity to work with administrative staff regarding intakes, billing, grant writing, budgeting, maintaining the Facebook page, and all the aspects of managing an out-patient practice. Working with the administrative staff is designed to be more of a learning experience than assuming the responsibilities of the current administrative staff.

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