The mission of the Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium (CACTC) is to equip and prepare future psychologists to work competently with underserved persons and their communities through a distinctly Christian perspective. In the context of a multidisciplinary training consortium, a distinct and defined course of study is provided for interns in health service psychology. This training is focused on 9 profession-wide competencies and 2 program-specific competencies (Integration of Faith & Practice, Work with Underserved Populations).

Excellent training of psychology interns through:

  • Experience working with many different underserved persons in a variety of clinical settings (urban and suburban).
  • Exposure to various therapeutic modalities geared to address the specific challenges faced by underserved groups.
  • Exemplars in the profession who share their passion for this work through supervision, mentoring and professional development.
  • Enriched service provision through collaborative research projects geared towards cultivating enhanced perspectives in work with marginalized groups.
  • Extending this enriched perspective to foster a greater number of professionals to work competently with the underserved.

In all things, exemplifying Jesus Christ in work with these persons.


Aim #1: To prepare interns for the entry-level practice of health service psychology as evidenced by their acquisition of the requisite knowledge and skills   

Aim #2: To promote intern’s ability to integrate psychological and religious/spiritual dimensions of personhood from a distinctly Christian perspective

Aim #3: To increase the number of psychologists competent to provide quality services to underserved populations

Aim #4: To prepare interns to function effectively as practitioner-scholar psychologist


Outreach Community Counseling Center (OCCC)

Photo of Dr. Marshall

Jessica Marshall, PsyD

CACTC Training Director
Psychologist/Supervisor and Director of Assessment Clinic, OCCC

Dr. Marshall is the CACTC Training Director, as well as a CACTC graduate. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings including a child guidance clinic, skilled nursing facilities, a university counseling center and a variety of outpatient community mental health clinics. She provides assessment and consultation services for mission organizations and schools regarding a variety of mental health topics and oversees OCCC’s Assessment Clinic. She has a passion for helping children get access to the resources they need through comprehensive psychological/educational assessments. In addition, she enjoys providing therapy to clients with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and complex trauma histories, particularly those in underserved communities. Dr. Marshall has a Master’s degree in Theology and values integrating faith into her clinical work when appropriate. (PsyD, Fuller Theological Seminary/Fuller Graduate School of Psychology)

Photo of Victor Argo

Victor Antonio Argo, MA, LMFT

Program Director/Supervisor, OCCC

Mr. Argo has worked in community mental health for over 30 years, and specializes in work with ethnic diversity issues, domestic violence, family therapy and juveniles on probation. His clinical interests also include supervision and collaborative relationships with interns and providing couples therapy using the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy approach. He is also trained in EMDR and neurofeedback. Mr. Argo provides the supervision for the live supervision team at OCCC, which includes the weekly supervision using the one-way mirror. (MA, Wheaton College)

Brian Post, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor, OCCC

Dr. Brian Post has been offering individual and marital therapy for over 10 years, and has also taught doctoral-level classes in individual and couples therapy and psychological assessment. He particularly enjoys working therapeutically with adults and strives to offer a safe place where people feel understood and valued. Throughout this work, he welcomes conversations about spirituality and faith. Dr. Post also focuses on supporting couples so that they can not only survive but thrive through the difficult times, especially when they realize that their partner and marriage is not going to fulfill all their hopes and expectations. Finally, Dr. Post enjoys offering psychological assessment as a way to both celebrate who people are and assist them in areas where they struggle. He can help clarify a person’s diagnosis, give in-depth personality descriptions to promote growth, evaluate preparedness for bariatric surgery, fulfill adoption requirements, and determine readiness for missions and seminary training. (PsyD, Wheaton College)

Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC)

Rebekah Stevenson, PhD, LCPC

Behavioral Health Clinical Training Director/Psychologist/Supervisor, LCHC

Dr. Stevenson currently serves as the Behavioral Health Clinical Training Director. She is a CACTC graduate and a bilingual behavioral health provider at two LCHC locations. She provides behavioral health consultation services to patients across the lifespan, treating a wide spectrum of mental health conditions and promoting overall health and wellness. Dr. Stevenson also facilitates a stress management group for adults and a Spanish-language socioemotional skills building group for children. Her interests include addressing the impact of past trauma on current mood symptoms and interpersonal functioning/relationships, as well as women’s health and increasing access to mental health care in underserved communities. (PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology)

Photo of Dr. Emely de la O

Emely de la O, PsyD

Assistant Director of Behavioral Health/Psychologist/Supervisor, LCHC

Dr. de la O is a bilingual behavioral health provider at Lawndale Christian Health Center. She currently works with children and adults at two LCHC clinics. She also facilitates a Spanish-language behavior management group for young children and their parents, and has co-facilitated stress management groups for adults and socioemotional skills building groups for children and adolescents in the past. Dr. de la O currently serves as the Assistant Director for the Behavioral Health Department and has previously served as the Clinical Training Director. Dr. de la O is passionate about serving underserved communities and views her work at LCHC as ministry. (PsyD, Wheaton College)

Photo of Dennis Bourne

Dennis R. Bourne, Jr., MA, LCPC

Director of Behavioral Health/Supervisor, LCHC

Mr. Bourne currently serves as the Director of the Behavioral Health Department, and is a behavioral health provider serving patients across the lifespan at two LCHC locations. He also facilitates groups to promote social and emotional skills for children and adolescents in the context of primary care. His interests include addressing trauma, issues related to race and culture, and working with adolescents and families. Mr. Bourne highly values building rapport with patients, as well as ensuring patient comfort with the therapeutic process. He desires to help build bridges between disciplines to provide patients with a smooth experience while receiving care. (MA, Regent University)

Shaun Huang, PsyD

Psychologist/Supervisor, LCHC

Dr. Huang is a behavioral health provider at LCHC, primarily working in the Pediatrics department with school-aged children, teenagers and their families. He also spends time working with adults at the main clinic and our clinic partnering with Breakthrough Ministries (a community outreach center in Chicago). He has experience working with dual diagnosis populations in addiction medicine (comorbid mental health and substance use disorders) and is also active in LCHC’s Recovery Community, facilitating groups with patients in recovery for opioid use disorders and managing their mental health. His work with patients focuses around the modalities of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Dr. Huang’s other clinical interests include disordered eating behaviors and personality disorders. (PsyD, Midwestern University – Glendale)

Hesed Psychological Services

Lisa Naatz, PsyD, ABSNP

Co-Director/Supervisor, Hesed Psychological Services
Adjunct Faculty, Wheaton College School of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy

Dr. Naatz is board certified in school neuropsychology and provides psychological and neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents; her assessment specialty areas include autism spectrum, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Dr. Naatz also works with adolescents and adults in therapy, primarily from a third-wave cognitive behavioral approach; her therapy specialty areas include trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief. Additionally, she works as an adjunct professor at Wheaton College in the clinical psychology doctoral program. (PsyD, University of San Francisco)

Benjamin Pyykkonen, PhD

Co-Director/Supervisor, Hesed Psychological Services
Clinical Psychology Programs Director and Associate Professor, Wheaton College School of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy

Dr. Pyykkonen works with adolescents and adults, primarily from a cognitive-behavioral approach, and also provides psychological and neuropsychological testing at Hesed Psychological Services. Additionally, he is the director of the doctoral clinical psychology program at Wheaton College. He is actively engaged in academic research examining the cognitive and emotional factors related to a number of clinical conditions, which enhances the effectiveness of his clinical work. These include dementia, hydrocephalus, depression, neurodevelopmental genetic disorders, HIV, and compulsive sexuality. (PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology)

Meier Clinics

Kelly Marquie, PsyD

Director of Training/Psychologist/Supervisor, Meier Clinics

Dr. Marquie provides counseling for adolescents, adults, and older adults within individual, family, and marital sessions. She integrates psychodynamic and insight-oriented approaches for an eclectic style of therapy to meet the needs of her clients. She provides treatment and supervision as Meier Clinics. (PsyD, Wheaton College)

Jane Jung, PsyD

Psychologist/Supervisor/Director of Breakaway, Meier Clinics

Dr. Jung enjoys working with adolescents, couples, and women within individual, family, and marital counseling. Her therapy style is relational, client-centered, and insight-oriented. Dr. Jung views therapy as a relational process that aims to provide hope and healing. She enjoys integrating faith into counseling with those who specifically desire this and has a heart for those working in church ministry as well as parents of adolescents with mental health struggles.(PsyD, Wheaton College)

Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago (CCCOC)

Grace Ahn-Im, PsyD

Executive Director/Psychologist/Supervisor, CCCOC

Dr. Ahn-Im is a licensed clinical psychologist, supervisor and executive director of Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago. Dr. Ahn-Im has experience providing therapeutic services in community mental health centers, hospitals/clinics, and private practice. She enjoys working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and across life stages and seeks to build collaborative relationships and safe environments for her clients to journey towards self-awareness, healing, growth, and change. (PsyD, Wheaton College)

Jermaine Thomas, PsyD

Psychologist/Supervisor, CCCOC

Dr. Thomas specializes in working with individuals struggling with early relational trauma, depression, and couple issues. His treatment approach is integrative, as he incorporates perspectives from psychodynamic theory, emotion-focused therapy, the Gottman method, Adlerian therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He is also the author of the self-help journal, The Examined Life: A Journal of Questions and Quotes (2022 Book Fest Award recipient for Inspiration, Motivation, and Transformation). Dr. Thomas believes that our early experiences, particularly our early relational experiences, lay the foundation for how we view others, the world, and ourselves. He strives to help individuals recover from the pain of their past and he has a passion for working with individuals who seek to learn more about themselves, and desire to grow emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Dr. Thomas is especially passionate about helping clients form better relationships with God. His style of therapy is relational, and clients can expect that he will explore their issues with them without judgment. It is his aim to create a safe space in which clients feel comfortable working through difficult private issues as he provides support along the road to healing.  (PsyD, Adler University)

Rev. Peonita Harris, PsyD, LMFT, CSAT

Post-Graduate Fellowship Program Director/Diversity and Inclusion Specialist/Supervisor, CCCOC

Dr. Harris has many years of experience in working with conflicted couples recovering from infidelity and betrayal, survivors of sexual trauma, and working with couples and partners recovering from the impact of sexual addiction. She also has specialized training in couples therapy, mood dysregulation, trauma and spiritual integration. Dr. Harris’ goal is to embrace the uniqueness of all individuals as she assists them to discover and experience healing and connection. She is committed to the movement of de-stigmatizing mental illness and to the integration of faith and practice. Dr. Harris is committed to providing a collaborative style of supervision to assist students and staff in providing quality psychotherapy services for an integrative approach to treatment. (PsyD, Adler University; LMFT, Adler University, CSAT, IITAP)

Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center (CDPCC)

Nancy E. Cochran, PsyD

Executive Director/Psychologist/Supervisor, CDPCC

Dr. Cochran joined the Center in 2005; prior to this she taught adolescents with behavior and emotion challenges. She currently provides therapy to adults of all ages, couples families and adolescents. Dr. Cochran is passionate about helping couples achieve a “conscious relationship” with a focus on trust, communication, intimacy and healthy boundaries. She uses mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and Internal Family Systems therapy to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive thinking, panic attacks, eating disorders, PTSD and self-esteem issues. (PsyD, The Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago)

Ann Letourneau, CSJ, PsyD

Director of Training/Psychologist/Supervisor, CDPCC

Dr. Letourneau offers clinical services for teenagers through older adults dealing with variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship concerns, difficult transitions, and developmental issues across the lifespan. In addition, she specializes in offering psychological assessments for men and women who are in the discernment and application process of entering a Catholic Religious Congregation. (PsyD, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology)

Photo of Dr. Francis

Patricia R. Francis, OP, PsyD, SEP

Director of Counseling Services, Psychologist/Supervisor, CDPCC

Dr. Francis is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Director of Counseling Services at Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center. A Dominican Sister, Dr. Francis is interested in the integration of spirituality, physical health, and psychology to achieve healing, maintain wellness, and promote personal growth and life-giving relationships. Dr. Francis has a particular interest in trauma/PTSD, marital relationships, chronic pain, and mood disorders. Fluent in American Sign Language, Dr. Francis enjoys serving the Deaf Community as well as hearing clients. (PsyD, Illinois School of Professional Psychology)

Photo of Dr. McGovern

Elissa McGovern, PsyD

Psychologist/Supervisor, CDPCC

Dr. McGovern is particularly passionate about working with children, adolescents and emerging adults. She offers clinical services to address depression, anxiety, relational distress, academic concerns, and behavioral issues. She incorporates play therapy, CBT, and mindfulness techniques into her therapeutic work and also values the integration of faith into the therapy process. She conducts group work relating to social and academic skills, social-emotional development, behavioral management, and boundary setting. Dr. McGovern utilizes psychological assessments to supplement the work done in therapy and administers psychological and neuro-psychological testing to children and adults for a variety of issues including academic concerns, attention difficulties, learning disabilities, social/emotional concerns, and career aptitude concerns. (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, PsyD)

“CACTC is committed to train up professional psychologists to uniquely serve their clients through a Christian perspective. By working with underserved populations, our interns are able to grow their individual competencies while also meeting the needs of our neighbors here in the Chicagoland area.”