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Meier ClinicsAs brother and sister, Dr. Paul Meier and Mrs. Nancy Meier Brown began working together in 1976 in Texas with the goal of developing the best Christian counseling services available. When her family relocated to the Chicago area, Nancy was asked to establish Meier Clinic‘s first Illinois location in Wheaton. The clinic opened its doors in September 1986 with just two counselors. Within the year, the Wheaton office outgrew the space and had to expand to the next building; one year later, they had to move once again to the current building. The clinical staff grew to approximately 35 psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed master level counselors, nurses, doctoral interns and a dietician to provide a wide range of counseling needs.  Meier Clinics opened an outpatient clinic on the campus of Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC), in response to the need for affordable, quality outpatient therapy with Christian mental health providers within the Lawndale community, which includes predominately Hispanic and African-American individuals.  Meier Clinics-LCHC sees referrals from the multidisciplinary care teams at the health center, and patients from the Lawndale community in order to provide collaborative, holistic care.  Meier Clinics Wheaton is now the national headquarters of Meier Clinics and encompasses outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and neuropsychological programs; the Lawndale office offers an outpatient program with some opportunities to conduct psychological testing.

Meier Clinics strives to integrate biblically-based, Christian beliefs with psychological principles to treat the whole person – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, Meier Clinic’s goal is to provide excellent, professional, psychological care to as many people as possible.

An important component of the Meier Clinics philosophy of training is the belief in the need to integrate scholarly knowledge, research findings, and critical thinking into clinical practice and clinical decision making. We encourage the consumption of scholarly research and facilitate regular interaction with current research literature through a weekly journal club discussion. In addition, interns are encouraged to engage in contributing to the existing body of research literature by pursuing individual or group research study. Ample data is available on site for scholarly inquiry. Interns are also encouraged to present their dissertation findings through didactic presentation to the Meier Clinics staff, interns and practicum students.

Community outreach, marketing and consultation opportunities are available through Meier Clinics and provided to the surrounding community on an as-needed basis. An important component of the Meier Clinics philosophy is to educate and de-stigmatize mental health treatment in faith-based communities, and Meier Clinics consistently reaches out to local churches and schools to provide consultation, psychoeducational presentations, and other services in order to accomplish this goal. Meier Clinics also sponsors the Chicago Christian Training Conference (CCTC) that is well attended by area colleges, churches, and providers. Opportunities for interns to learn conference development and implementation skills are also available.


Meier Clinics in Wheaton offers the opportunity for intern to be placed in the Neuropsychology Clinic or the Clinical Psychology Rotation.  Specifics of these rotations are as follows:

Clinical Psychology Position
  • Meier Clinics Wheaton outpatient office serves Wheaton and the surrounding communities while the Adult Day Program draws from several states across the country. The Clinical Psychology interns at Meier spend their time seeing clients in the Catalyst (partial hospitalization program for adults) and Breakaway (intensive outpatient program for adolescents) programs. The intensive portion of the internship training program requires the interns to participate in four rotations throughout the year: two in process group therapy and two in expressive group therapy.
  • Interns work under an apprenticeship model of training in which during the first two rotations supervisors model core competencies to interns, and then take on a more supporting role during the last two rotations as interns take over active leadership in clinical group work.
  • In addition to intensive group work, interns also have a caseload of one or two Catalyst and Breakaway clients. The interns are responsible for therapeutic interventions and case management of each client, which may include marital/family interventions and utilization reviews.
  • Interns carry an outpatient caseload consisting of individual adults, children, adolescents, couples and families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Clinical opportunities may also be available to work in the Meier Clinics – Chicago office 1 day/week, which serves a more ethnically diverse, urban client population.
  • Interns also gain experience in providing psychological testing for adolescent and adult clients in the outpatient and partial hospital programs.
Neuropsychology Position
  • Primary focus in neuropsychological testing of children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of concerns.
  • Common referrals include ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, and cognitive effects of seizures in children, as well as traumatic brain injuries, changes in cognitive abilities, impacts of a stroke, and dementia in adults.
  • Intern works closely with the staff neuropsychologist in conceptualizing each case, determining the appropriate battery based on the referral questions and in the interpretation/report writing process.
  • The intern would also participate in didactic trainings specific to their neuropsychology practice.
  • Interns carry a small outpatient caseload consisting of individual adults, children, adolescents, couples and families from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic levels.


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